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Plaka - Palm Leaf Flat Summer Sandals - Turquoise Gray

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Plaka Palm Leaf summer sandals for women combine elegance and extreme comfort. Each pair of these rope sandals are handwoven and crafted to perfection. Our high-quality flat soles are made from a vegan-friendly highly durable rubber. The stunningly woven stretch-to-fit straps are made from premium nylon designed to reduce rubbing and blisters. From a formal dressy outfit to casual beach chic, these sandals enhance any summer look. Available in women's sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. US Weekly wrote, “A really good pair of sandals is equal parts chic as it is comfortable and we’ll want to wear everywhere. That’s exactly what the Plaka Flat Sandals are! A writer for Travel + Leisure magazine shared, “I wore my pair on a recent long weekend camping trip and can confirm the rave reviews were right: they’re super comfortable sandals". The Palm Leaf is part of Plaka's Originals sandals collection.

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