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Chicken Poop - La Chick Poo Poo Shimmer

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A fish bowl of our shimmers! There are 12 of each of the Simone A Go Go(Nude), Arora Pink(Pink) and Claudia Mauvia(Mauve). Put this cute chick near your register for the impulse buy. These mineral based shimmers are the perfect touch for natural beauty. Enhance your smile with one of the three shades. Made for the natural lip tones.

About the Brand: 

Born and raised in Kansas, Jamie Tabor, lives on the river with her artist/inventor husband, their daughter, son, four dogs and a cat. She is the chick behind Simone Chickenbone. Jamie decided if she were to make a lip balm it would have to be called ChickenPoopTM, inspired by her grandpa's sense of humor. If one was to complain of dry lips he'd say, "Put some chicken poop on your lips so you won't lick 'em". 


ChickenPoop gets local to national press (including an interview on the Bob and Tom Show and the New York Times). ChickenPoopTM is currently in over 8000 stores across the nation, as well as Canada, Australia and the UK.

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