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American Desire Throw Blanket by Myra

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Proud to be an American and want to showcase your love, our ‘American Desire’ throw is just for you. It carries the American Flag design, and its bright blue, red, and white colors will bring vivaciousness to your room or special picnic this year! These make great gifts!

Favorited by Amethyst & Opal: Special Note:

I ordered these blankets to sample for myself. While knowing the quality is great with Myra's Bags I wanted to be sure the blankets held up the same. They are thicker but not too thick. They almost have a heavy feel to them but more so a quality feel. I personally give these blankets 5 stars! I love them. Very Impressed!

Item Width 50"
Item Length 60"


*Please note that Myra Bag Brand uses authentic hide and each bag may vary in pattern due to optimal use of the material and different hides. For Example: Some may show more pattern than others.

*Orders from Myra Bag may also take longer shipping allowance if it is out of stock at our facility. Typically these holds may be up to about 3 weeks or so. If you place an order for an item that will have a longer wait you will be notified by email.

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