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Myra Bag Absol Backpack Bag

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 This is one of the newest released patterns through Myra. This backpack bag has plenty of room while also maintaini

Are you ready to make a style statement? Look no more! The Absol Backpack Bag by Myra brings the latest in fashion forward with its freshly released pattern and canvas material, combined with hair on hide leather and a zippered pocket for extra storage. Experience a perfect blend of style and practicality - perfect for the fashionista on the go!

ng a tight clean-cut look. This bag features an earthy boho feel with its tone woven pattern canvased on the front which is paired with a chippy almost bark like vintage leather display above.

Item Width 13
Item Depth 4
Item Height 15
Handle 3


*Please note that Myra Bag Brand uses authentic hide and each bag may vary in pattern due to optimal use of the material and different hides. For Example: Some may show more pattern than others.

*Orders from Myra Bag may also take longer shipping allowance if it is out of stock at our facility. Typically, these holds may be up to about 3 weeks or so.

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All in-stock items will be processed and shipped within 1-3 business days

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This whole brand of bags, wallets, and jewelry are specifically handmade and are certainly made to last. They are huge statement pieces and come at an awesome affordable price & certainly do the work for themselves. Once you see, touch, feel, and use this line you completely understand that you have invested in a great long lasting product.