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Best Friends Air Freshener

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Best Friend isn't just words! A BEST Friend is someone who's there for you no matter what. Thick or thin. A best friend is something that needs to be earned. A best friend knows you sometimes more than you know yourself. Best friends share tears and laughs. You can trust them with anything and everything. This Best Friend Air Freshener is a great gift and a new take on the ole best friend necklaces vibe! Here is how we make our air fresheners: 1. Print the designs (Front side and back side): 2. Make cutting model and cut the custom shape: 3. Thread the rope: 4. Perfume the scent: 5. Pack the air fresheners in a plastic bag and seal: 6. Attach the bag to our branded card: 7. Pack & ship the air fresheners to you!

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Ember Concealed Leather Hairon Shoulder Bag by Myra Bag

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